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Star Wars Shadowtrooper Costume Armour Complete Package - Ready to Wear

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Please Note Shadowtrooper Armor can take up to 3 weeks to supply.

We are very proud to present this complete Star Wars Shadowtrooper Armor Costume Package – undoubtedly one of the best available.

We include all the necessary accessories including: E11 Blaster, E11 Blaster Holster, Bodysuit, Neck Seal, Balaclava, Gloves and Black Ankle Boots.

Our Shadowtrooper Costume package is ready-to-wear and is NOT a 'Kit' that needs to be assembled. Simply take it out the box and put it on. Instructions supplied.

Our Shadowtrooper Armor is made from high-quality 2.5mm black polished plastic. It has been trimmed with clean edges, and has been professionally strapped with industrial strength Hook and Loop by our team at the Stormtrooper Store.

Our Shadowtrooper Helmet is supplied fully assembled with mirrored lenses and is complete with internal head support foam for added comfort.

We are delighted that many members of costuming groups and individuals worldwide have purchased this excellent value Shadowtrooper Armor Costume Package.

At the Stormtrooper Store we provide customer product advice online, in person, and by telephone. Shadowtrooper replacement armor parts and accessories are also available.


All Armor Parts - Strapped and ready-to-wear

Helmet - Fully assembled with mirrored lenses and internal head support foam.

Bodysuit - Black one-piece thermal bodysuit with double zipper

Balaclava - Soft black cotton

Neckseal - Ribbed collar with cotton apron and hook and loop closure

Gloves - Soft cotton with attached hook and loop for your hand armor plates

Boots - Black ankle boots

Holster - Designed for your E-11 blaster

Blaster - Replica E-11 blaster prop

Package Checklist

Kitting Up Instructions


  Reduced Standard XL Extended
  inches cm inches cm inches cm
Height 5'2" to 5'8" 158cm to 173cm 5'8" to 6'4" 173cm to 193cm 5'8" to 6'4" 173cm to 193cm
Chest 28-56" 71-142cm 28-56" 71-142cm 28-56" 71-142cm
Waist 30-52" 76-132cm 30-52" 76-132cm 30-52" 76-132cm
Inside Leg up to 27" up to 69cm 28" or more 71cm or more 28" or more 71cm or more
Inside Arm up to 16" up to 41cm 17" or more 43cm or more 17" or more 43cm or more
Thigh Girth up to 24" up to 61cm up to 24" up to 61cm 25.5" max. 65cm max.
Calf Girth up to 16" up to 41cm up to 16" up to 41cm 17.5" max. 45cm max.
Neck Up to 18" Up to 46cm Up to 18" Up to 46cm Up to 18" Up to 46cm